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We strongly believe that the quality of someone’s research is not defined by their religion, their gender, the color of their skin, their choice of body art, the clothes they wear and that a strong lab needs a heterogeneous population of students that will lead to fruitful thinking group having different ideas and scientific approaches.


״עדיף כישלון מפואר מחלומות במגירה״


We believe in pursuing new ideas, in multidisciplinary science, in working together as a team. We measure our impact by the patient lives we improve, the phenomena we explore, the technologies we develop, and the scientific careers we cultivate.

As a Group We Strive

Self-education and reflection

•A monthly journal club

•Anonymous survey of lab climate to raise awareness of and counter microaggressions and other practices that are out of line with our lab values (every four months)

•Green lab spirit and actions

•Commitment to at least 2 days a year of volunteering activities.

*Text and ideas inspired by Sangeeta Bhatia Lab at MIT 


Project decisions are made collectively by the trainee and Dr. Zinger. We embrace a “small focus groups reporting structure” such that all trainees serve as mentors, however our trainees are divided to small focus groups to encourage brain storming and data sharing.


Supplemental mentorship is provided by Dr. Lifhsitz, who brings 17+ years of research and science coaching experience to the team.

Yoga teaching
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