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How Watson Met His Crick

Researchers from the Technion and the Houston Methodist Research Institute have developed microscopic machines that can deliver drugs to parts of the brain in order to treat injuries and diseases.


Surgery Without a Single Incision

Short Hebrew Interview regards our Neurosomes technology (52:05-58:40 minutes).

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Nano Taxis

The customizable NVs reported here enable next-generation functionalized theranostics aimed to promote neuroregeneration.


"Nano-Taxis" Shuttle Therapeutics to Neurons

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Assaf Zinger and Dr. Caroline Cvetkovic from the Center for Neuroregeneration at the Houston Methodist Research Institute have created a novel means of delivering medicine to neurons in a targeted manner.

Construction Site

Working on it...

Working on it.

Bulldozer on the Beach

Working on it...

Working on it.

Dr. Zinger cover picture on the ATS journal

How Watson Met His Crick

Students, faculty and alumni tell us how they first got interested inthe Technion and how the university changed their lives.

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Surgery Without a Single Incision

Israeli researchers combine a nanotechnology and a biological enzyme to create an enzymatic blade that could replace surgical scalpels.

Enzymatic Nano Surgery illustration

Enzymatic Blade

 The application spares the pain associated with orthodontic surgeries and significantly reduces tissue recovery time.

Dr. Zinger and the ATS board picture

Welcoming the National Board

The ATS Detroit Chapter warmly welcomed the national Board of Directors to Detroit in early November. 

Dr. Zinger and. the ATS Florida chapter picture

Technion’s global relations

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology President Peretz Lavie and Dr. Assaf Zinger, an up-and-coming chemical engineering and nanotechnology researcher at the Israeli university, gave a joint presentation at a recent event in Bal Harbour.

Dr. Zinger and the YICRS board

The Story Behind the First YICRS

The purpose of the conference was to share and spread knowledge. We encouraged the participants to be involved, to ask questions during the lectures, and to mingle during the breaks. 

Perfect Smile

Nanotechnology could redefine oral surgery

The team developed liposomal nanoparticles that contained collagenase and performed tests with them in rats. When the liposomes were placed under the gums, the collagenase diffused out of the particles and was activated by calcium naturally found in the mouth. 


Technology Replaces Scalpel

In an article published recently in ACS Nano,researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have outlined a nanotechnology that replaces the surgical scalpel with an "enzymatic blade."

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Postdoc Assaf Zinger Tours US

Postdoctoral Fellow Assaf Zinger, PhD, is touring the U.S. as one of Israel’s rising stars and exemplary scientists.

Surgery Tools

Thanks to This Israeli Breakthrough, Orthodontia Could Be a Matter of Mere Months

People have been using knives to cut tissue for 4,000 years, says Assaf Zinger of the Technion - and thought of replacing the scalpel in gum surgery with enzymes.

Dr. Zinger and the YICRS board

בדרך לפוסט

כ-100 סטודנטים לתארים מתקדמים מאוניברסיטאות שונות השתתפו בכנס מדעי-הנדסי שנערך בטכניון במסגרת פעילות האגודה הישראלית למתן מבוקר של ביו-חומרים. המטרה: לייצר מפגש וחילופי ידע בין סטודנטים לתארים  מתקדמים העוסקים בתחום זה


חידוש בחדר הניתוח: ללא חיתוך, ללא כאב וללא פחד

חוקרים בפקולטה להנדסה כימית ע"ש וולפסון בטכניון פיתחו טכנולוגיה המחליפה את סכין המנתחים בחומרים ביולוגיים טבעיים.

Dr. Zinger and his team in Prof. Avi Schroeder Lab

הניתוח הביולוגי – חלום או מציאות?

האם נתעורר יום אחד לעולם בו הליך כירורגי יעבור ללא סכין ואזמל, ובמקומם יוצב צבא של אנזימים חותכי רקמה? אסף זינגר, בעבר יו”ר אס”ט וכיום מסטרנט בפקולטה להנדסה כימית, בראיון על המחקר שעשוי לשנות את החיים של כולנו.

University Sign

Alumni Assaf Zinger

Technion alumnus Assaf Zinger '12, '18 Ph.D., is one of Israel’s rising stars in the areas of biomedical engineering and  nanoparticles

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Future outreach

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