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Treating Cardiovascular Diseases

Biomimetic nano drug delivery carriers for treating cardiovascular diseases

NPs hold great promise for detecting and treating CVD. Among the advantages are the ability of NP to entrap poorly soluble therapeutic molecules, increase systemic circulation time, and decrease off target effects. However, current synthetic NP systems lack active disease targeting, have shorter systemic

circulation times compared to native circulating cells, and can trigger an immune response.

“Every 37 s, a person in the United States dies from cardiovascular diseases".


Inspired by the way cells in our body respond to CVD pathologies, BNPs enhance the mentioned advantages of synthetic NP by enabling longer systemic circulation time, active targeting of inflamed tissues, and increased biocompatibility. These engineered upgrades are feasible due to both biochemical and biophysical design parameters of BNPs that enable them to mimic cells and their biological functions.


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