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Inflammation Targeting

Enhancing inflammation targeting using tunable leukocyte-based biomimetic nanoparticles.

Here we show that, while increasing the protein:lipid ratio to a maximum of 1:20 (w/w) maintained the nanoparticle’s structural properties, increasing protein content resulted in improved targeting of inflamed endothelium in two different animal models.

“Our combined use of a microfluidic, bottom-up approach and tuning of a key synthesis parameter enabled the synthesis of reproducible, enhanced biomimetic nanoparticles that have the potential to improve the treatment of inflammatory-based conditions through targeted nanodelivery.”


The work described here serves as a stepping stone for the engineering of future biomimetic NPs which can be tuned for specific disease conditions using the body’s own cells. The therapeutic benefits of these NP platforms could be further enhanced through loading of drugs or biological agents that treat the underlying disease condition. With an improved understanding of the relationships between synthesis parameters and the biological properties of biomimetic NPs, future generations of NPs hold the potential to target and treat disease with greater efficacy.


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