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Leukocyte-mimicking nanovesicles

fLeukocyte-mimicking nanovesicles for effective doxorubicin delivery to treat breast cancer and melanoma.

Here we report the use of leukosomes to target and deliver doxorubicin, a model chemotherapeutic, to tumors in syngeneic murine models of breast cancer and melanoma. Exploiting the inflammatory pathway responsible for recruiting immune cells to the site of injury, leukosomes exhibited increased targeting of cancer vasculature and stroma.

“Recently we have shown the use of biomimetic nanovesicles, called leukosomes, which combine both the physical and biological properties of liposomes and leukocytes, respectively, to selectively deliver drugs to the inflamed vasculature."


These findings confirm the potentiality and versatility of leukosomes for cancer treatment among the other biomedical applications seen so far. The similarity of leukosomes with the established liposomal technology simplifies their clinical translation since they share the same physicochemical and pharmaceutical background. The biomimetic nature of leukosomes, and other similar nanovesicles, which enable the use of cells derived directly from the patient could transform the landscape of nano-based therapies for precision medicine.


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