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Modulating the tumor pH and

Sodium bicarbonate nanoparticles modulate the tumor pH and enhance the cellular uptake of doxorubicin.

In this study, 100-nm liposomes loaded with sodium bicarbonate were used as adjuvants to elevate the tumor pH. Combined treatment of triple-negative breast cancer cells (4T1) with doxorubicin and sodium-bicarbonate enhanced drug uptake and increased its anti-cancer activity.

“Acidic pH in the tumor microenvironment is associated with cancer metabolism and creates a physiological barrier that prevents from drugs to penetrate cells.”


easing the risks of adverse effects and toxicity. Herein, bicarbonate nanoparticles were demonstrated as an effective adjuvant treatment. We found that nanoscale liposomes increase the accumulation of bicarbonate in the tumor tissue. When combined with doxorubicin, bicarbonate supported cellular uptake of the drug and improved the therapeutic efficacy. Combined treatment using an adjuvant may enable lowering drug doses by enhancing the uptake of the available drug.


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