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Nanovesicles for Neuron Targeting

Enhancing neuron targeting using humanized biomimetic nanovesicles.

Our results establish that both endogenous and genetically engineered cell-derived proteins effectively transfer to NVs without disruption of their physicochemical properties. NVs with neuron-derived membrane proteins exhibit enhanced neuronal association and uptake compared to bare NVs. Viability of 3D neural sphere cultures is not disrupted by treatment, which verifies the utility of organoid-based approaches as NV testing platforms.

“These results confirm cellular association and uptake of the biomimetic humanized NVs to neurons within rodent cranial nerves. In summary, the customizable NVs reported here enable next-generation functionalized theranostics aimed to promote neuroregeneration.”


Here, we developed and validated a multifunctional, biomimetic nanotechnology platform that not only holds promising potential to target various neural cell types, but also permits the ability to deliver diverse theranostic cargo. To the best of our knowledge, these humanized neural NVs are the first of their kind and represent a blueprint for the future development of NVs derived fromother human cell sources and with different lipid formulations.By assessing the physiochemical and biological properties of the various synthesized neural NVs, and by testing association and viability upon organoid cultures, we established the broad potential of this biomimetic approach for use in disease contexts within the central and peripheral nervous systems or with experimental drug testing platforms.


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