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Barcoded nanoparticles

Theranostic barcoded nanoparticles for personalized cancer medicine.

Here, we packed miniscule quantities of anticancer drugs inside dedicated nanoparticles they developed. The unique design of the drug-loaded, nanoscale packages allows them to flow in the bloodstream to the tumor, where they are swallowed by the cancer cells. Synthetic DNA sequences attached to the anticancer drugs in advance serve as barcode readers of each drug’s activity in the cancer cells.

“The medical world is now moving towards personalized medicine, combining our barcoding technology with genetic screening ensures more accurately tailored cancer treatments that will determine which medicine is best for each patient” Prof. Avi Schroeder


This method makes it possible to test the effectiveness of several medications concurrently inside the patient’s tumor. The minute doses are not felt by the patient, and do not pose any danger. Based on the test results, the most effective drug for the specific patient is selected.


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