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Synthetic cells

Synthetic Cells Synthesize Therapeutic Proteins inside Tumors.

Here, it is shown for the first time that artificial lipid-based vesicles, containing the molecular machinery necessary for transcription and translation, can be used to synthesize anticancer proteins inside tumors. The synthetic cells are engineered as stand-alone systems, sourcing nutrients from their biological microenvironment to trigger protein synthesis.

“Synthetic cells, artificial cell-like particles, capable of autonomously synthesizing RNA and proteins based on a DNA template, are emerging platforms for studying cellular functions and for revealing the origins-of-life. ”


The ability of the particles to interact with the environment and to exchange nutrients by diffusion is an advantage

for the development of future applications and prolong the production of proteins in tissue. These artificial cell-like particles

were used, for the first time, as internal bioreactors to produce

and treat tumors in vivo.


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